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Registration of Birth outside Sri Lanka

1. To whom is this applicable?

  • Children born to Sri Lankan parent/parents outside Sri Lanka and
  • Children under the age of 18, whose father and/or mother was a Sri Lankan at the time of the child's birth.

Citizenship Act No. 18 of 1948 - Section 5(2) A person born outside Sri Lanka after 15th November 1948 will be deemed to be a citizen of Sri Lanka if, at that time, his or her father or mother was a citizen of Sri Lanka ( At least one of the parents should be a Sri Lankan) and if within one year of his/her date of birth or within the extended period approved by the Minister, his/her birth is registered at the Sri Lanka Mission in the country of his/her birth or at the office of the Minister.

This Mission is pleased to assist you to register the birth, of your children under

    (a) Section 5 (2) of the Citizenship Act and

    (b) Section 16 or 24 of the Birth Registration Act.

Citizenship Division of the Department of Immigration and Emigration will process the applications and mail the certificates to this Mission for onward transmission to the applicant.  Since it is difficult to give a specific period within which a certificate would be ready, this Mission will notify the applicant when such certificate is ready for collection.

The birth should be registered within a period of one year from the date of birth of the child. In the event of failure to do so, a fine shall be imposed for the delay.

2.    Appropriate forms and applications

Please download appropriate forms and applications and comply with the following instructions, incomplete applications may result in  delays:

     Download forms:

         (a)  'Citizenship 1'

         (b)  'Registration B 4'  or  'Registration B 6'  and

         (c)  'Declaration Form"

Form "Citizenship 1" duly completed by the informant ( Father or Mother who was a citizen of Sri Lanka at the time of child birth) in duplicate.  Form 'Citizenship 1' could be obtained  by clicking on the link (DOWNLOAD HERE)


Form "Registration B4" duly completed by the Informant ( Father or Mother who was a citizen of Sri Lanka at the time of child birth) in duplicate, if the birth is being declared within a period of three months.  Form 'Registration B4' could be obtained  by clicking on the link  (DOWNLOAD HERE)


Form "Registration B6" duly completed by the Informant ( Father or Mother who was a citizen of Sri Lanka at the time of child birth) in duplicate, if the birth is being declared after a period of three months.  Form 'Registration B6' could be obtained  by clicking on the link (DOWNLOAD HERE)


"Declaration" form to be duly completed by the child's parents in duplicate and signed by a witness. Form 'Declaration' could be obtained  by clicking on the link (DOWNLOAD HERE)

3. The documents required to be handed over with the duly completed application forms    

    (Originals along with two sets of photocopies of the following. Translation will not be accepted)

        (a) Child's Birth Certificate issued by the Australian Authorities

        (b) Birth Certificates of both Mother and Father. English translations will not be accepted as originals.

        (c) Marriage Certificate of Parents. English translations will not be accepted as originals.

(d) Passports of both Mother and Father used at the time of the child's birth (photocopies should include pages with personal   details, endorsements, renewals & current visa.) and 

(e) VEVO (Visa Entitlement Verification Online) obtained from the Australian Department of Home Affairs website  [Only for Permanent Residents, Temporary Residents and for those who are on temporary Australian visa.]  This is a computer generated document.

(f) Declaration that the applicant (father/mother) has not acquired citizenship of a country other than Sri Lanka at the time of the child's birth. Please use form "Declaration"

4. Additional Information

"Citizenship - 1" and Forms "B4" or "B6"  to be completed and signed by one and the same parent. Both parents' signatures are required on the reverse of Form   "B4" or B6", one over the "informant" and the other across  the cage no stamp is needed. Do not sign the declaration appearing soon after clause 10 of B6, as this has to be completed by the Consulate General Official only.

In case the declaration has not been made within three months of the child's birth, a letter addressed to the Registrar General, Registrar General's  office, Colombo would be required stating the reason for not declaring the birth within the prescribed period.

5. Payment Procedure

Payments to be made at the time of tendering the application. Receipt to be kept for reference.

Fee : AUD $85.00,  payable by cash, bank cheque (not Personal Or Company) or money order to the "Sri Lanka Consulate General". Please note that if the child's birth is not declared within the prescribed period, an additional fee of AUD $ 12.00 per year would be levied as appropriate.

If the applicant wishes to receive both certificates by post, postage fee: AUD $ 20

For further details please contact the Consular Division of this Mission on 02 92238729 or 02 92238742 or email us   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Children born outside Sri Lanka, whose birth is registered with a Sri Lanka Mission Abroad are issued with certificates under the 'Consular Functions Act' by the Registrar General's Office as well as the 'Ceylon Citizenship Act' by the Ministry of Defence.  Certificates issued by the Ministry of Defence under the 'Ceylon Citizenship Act' will become void on reaching the age of 21 years, at which time the child will have to decide whether to retain the Sri Lankan citizenship, the citizenship of the country of birth, or both, by making an application to the Ministry of Defence before he completes the age of 22 years.   Applicants who do not comply with this requirement will automatically lose the Sri Lankan Citizenship as stated at the bottom of the Certificate issued by the Ministry of Defence.

In view of the above, it is advisable for the parents to keep their children informed of this requirement.