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Home | Consular Services | Passport | New Passport for Under age (Minor Applicants)

Separate Passport for Underage (Minor) Applicants

Any person below 16 years of age is considered as a minor for this purpose.

Validity Period of a passport

Currently issuing N series passports are valid 3 years unless otherwise specified.

How can a minor apply for Sri Lankan passport?

Either the parents or the legal guardian of the applicant should accompany him/her when the applicant comes to this office to submit the application.

Application Form

Form 'K' could be obtained as a PDF Document by clicking on the link†(Download here)

Guidelines for completing the form (CLICK HERE)

Note: A separate application should be submitted for each child. If the applicant is below 16 years one of the parents can write clearly a part of the name of the child in the cage of the signature box on behalf of the child. Signature should not touch the borders.

Special Attention

Three (3) identical copies of colour photographs†not more than six months old†of size 3.5cm x 4.5cm, with direct face†(both ears must be fully visible without concealing any part and without spectacles)†and in a light coloured background without the outer border to be affixed to the Form "K".Do not staple or pin.

Document to be attached

Original documents (1) to (8) to be submitted with two photocopy each. Original will be returned after necessary action

  1. Sri Lanka Birth Certificate - issued by the Registrar General, District Registrar, Divisional Registrar should be submitted. Photocopies / copies certified by other parties / translations will not be accepted.

Note: Passports will be issued as per the name appears on the Original Sri Lankan Birth Certificate unless the name change has been done on the same by the Registrar General in Sri Lanka. Any change of names done abroad or the personís current usage of a different name in a document issued by a foreign government will not be taken into consideration when issuing new passports.

  1. Citizenship Certificate -if the child was born outside Sri Lanka, the Citizenship Certificate issued by the Citizenship Division of the Department of Immigration & Emigration in Colombo. (A copy of payment receipt for citizenship Registration is accepted)
  2. Copy of foreign visa/ copy of Foreign Passport
  3. Parentís Marriage Certificate.
  4. Both Parentís Passports or an affidavit if the passport of either parent is not available - Passports should be submitted along with two sets of photocopies of the following pages: Photo page, Endorsement / Alteration, pages relating to particulars of children
  5. A Letter of Consent signed by the both parents. Note:If one or both parents are abroad, the consent letter and the passport copies of parents should be certified by the relevant Sri Lankan Mission
  1. Death Certificate(s) If parent(s) of the applicant are dead.
  2. Divorce Certificate/Court decision together with the order of Custodianship of the child/childrenif parents are divorced.
  3. If applying passport for an adopted child, following additional documents are required:

a.Certificate of Adoption

b.The court order

c.A letter from the Commissioner of Probation and Child Care

Payment Details

Fees for issuing Travel Documents

Passport All Countries†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† † † AUD $ 135.00

Emergency Certificate††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† AUD $†† 70.00

New passport in lieu of lost passport† †††††††††† AUD $ 400.00

Payment should be made in Cash at the counter or by Postal Orders/ Bankers Draft drawn in favour of the "Consulate General of Sri LankaĒ if sent by post. Personal or Company cheques and credit cards are not accepted.

Additional Information

  1. New passports can also be issued for children who are already included in the parent's passports or for those who were born in Australia and have obtained the Sri Lanka Birth Certificate and Sri Lanka Citizenship certificate issued by the Citizenship Division in Colombo, after registering their birth at this Mission or Sri Lanka High Commission in Canberra.
  2. Validity of a passport cannot be extended beyond 10 years from the date of its issue. If the passport is due to expire after 10 years or if there are no pages for visa endorsements or the photograph of the applicant appears different, a new passport should be obtained.
  3. Sri Lankan citizens who have applied and gained refuge or asylum status in Australia are NOT entitled to a Sri Lankan Passport or to renew validity of an existing passport in accordance with new Sri Lankan Immigration Rules. However, they are eligible to apply for temporary travel documents for the sole purpose of returning to Sri Lanka.
  4. Applications for new passports should be made well in advance of the expiry of the current passport

Once your application is accepted;

  1. It will be forwarded to the Overseas Missions Division of the Immigration and Emigration Department in Colombo. If all the required documents are submitted, it normally takes around 8-12 weeks to receive the new passport. This Mission cannot guarantee the issuance of a passport within a specific period.

    Note: During the processing of new passports the Controller Immigration and Emigration cancels the old passport and therefore applicants are advised to refrain from traveling to Sri Lanka until the receipt of the new passport.
  2. Once we receive your new passport at this mission you will be informed in writing or by phone. You are required to bring the current passport/emergency passport (if retained by you) along with your Cash Receipt to this Mission on any working day between 9.30 a.m. & 1.30 p.m. in order to collect your new passport.
  3. On your request, your new passport & current passport/emergency passport may be returned to you by post.Note: The Mission will not take any responsibility for documents lost in the post.

Submission of forged Birth Certificates or any other documents and making false declarations relating to the citizenship status is an offence. Such cases will be reported to relevant authorities and payment will not be refunded.