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                 Information and Instructions to the Applicant


(A)To complete the application –

  1. (1), (11), (13) & (16) please indicate the information most appropriate to you by ticking the relevant cage. Please do not mark more than one cage for a single question.
  2. Enter your latest passport number. Produce a Police Report if it is lost or stolen. Keep this space blank if applying for the first time.
  3. Enter your Personal Identity Card Number issued by the Commissioner for the Registration of Persons.
  4. Write your Surname using one cage for each letter.
  5. Write the names other than your surname. Leave a space of one cage between names.
  6. Write your permanent address in Australia.
  7. Please leave this cage blank.
  8. (8), (9) & (10) should be given according to the Birth Certificate.

  12. Give the height of the applicant in centimeters.

  14. Write your profession or occupation and attach documents in proof.

  15. Enter only the number of children to be included in the new Travel Documents.

   Forward a duly completed Form “C” and colour photographs of children in addition to the documents mentioned below. Enter “0” if there are no children to be included.

  16. Please indicate the information most appropriate to you by ticking the relevant cage.

  17. & 18. Write your mobile No and e-mail address (To be notified when passport ready for collection)

    (B)The following documents together with Photostat copies should be produced with the application. Originals will be returned after necessary action.

    1.   Birth Certificate - issued by the Registrar General, District Registrar, Divisional Registrar. Photocopies certified by other parties and translations will not be accepted.

          Note: Passports will be issued as per the name appears on the Original Sri Lankan Birth Certificate unless the name change has been done on the same by the Registrar General in Sri Lanka. Any change of names done abroad or the person’s current usage of a different name in a document issued by a foreign government will not be taken into consideration when issuing new passports.

  1. Citizenship Certificate - if the applicant was born outside Sri Lanka, the Citizenship Certificate issued by the Citizenship Division of the Department of Immigration & Emigration in Colombo.

 Note: If an applicant born outside Sri Lanka has reached 18 years, he/she should submit the Citizenship Certificate with the endorsement made by the Citizenship Division on the reverse of the certificate regarding the applicant’s continuation of the Sri Lankan nationality.

  1. Original Current Passport - Current passport should be submitted along with two sets of photocopies of the following pages: Photo page, Endorsement / Alteration, Valid visa pages.
  2. National Identity Card - issued by the Commissioner of Registration for Persons
  3. Dual Citizenship Certificate - If you are a Dual Citizen - the Dual Citizenship Certificate 
  4. Marriage Certificate - If you wish to change the name consequent to marriage - Original Marriage Certificate. (Photocopies / copies certified by other parties / translations will not be accepted)

    7  A letter, Professional certificates or Licence - For the inclusion of profession or occupation

Note: Endorsement of Profession or Occupation (such as Medical Practitioner, Lawyer, Solicitor, Engineer, Accountant, etc.) will be done on a New Passport, only if such a profession has already been endorsed on the present passport.   If not, applicants will be required to produce acceptable documentary proof of his/her qualification and/or being engaged in the relevant profession. 

  1. Certificate of Evidence of Residence Status (Form 283) - from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship in Australia. Only for Permanent Residents who are eligible to apply for Australian citizenship and for those who do not hold Dual Citizenship. 

Note: A fee would be charged by the Department of Immigration & Citizenship for this Certificate.  This certificate should be a recent one, obtained not more than one month prior to submitting the application for passport to this Consulate General.

Student Visa Holders would be required to produce their Student Identity Card and a letter from the Educational Institution at which the student is studying stating whether "the Student Visa was granted to the applicant or spouse, whether on scholarship and who is funding".

(C)Three (3) identical copies of colour photographs of size 3.5cm x 4.5cm, with direct face (both ears must be visible and without spectacles) and in a light coloured background without the outer border to be affixed to the Form "K". Do not staple or pin.

 (D)The Attester's signature and Stamp/Frank should be placed over the "Verification Photograph" as well as below the declaration on page 2 & 3. All certifications /attestations in the application should be done only by a Solicitor, Justice of Peace or Medical Practitioner (GP).

 (E)Applications could be handed over at the counter of the Consulate General or sent by post for processing together with the relevant fee as per (F) below, payable by cash, bank cheque (Personal or Company cheque not accepted)or money order to the “Consulate General of Sri Lanka”.

 Incomplete or erroneously filled applications will be rejected by the authorities.

 Payment Details

Fees for issuing Travel Documents

 Passport All Countries                                    AUD $ 180.00

Emergency Certificate                                     AUD $   70.00

New passport in lieu of lost passport               AUD $ 400.00

Payment should be made in Cash at the counter or by Postal Orders/ Bankers Draft drawn in favour of the "Consulate General of Sri Lanka” if sent by post. Personal or Company cheques and credit cards are not accepted

No additional charges if the children are added while obtaining a new passport.For the addition or deletion of child/children to the existing passport will be charged AUD $ 11.00.

 Submission of forged Birth Certificates or any other documents and making false declarations relating to the citizenship status is an offence. Such cases will be reported to relevant authorities and payment will not be refunded.