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Registration of Death outside Sri Lanka

A death can be registered at the Consulate General in Sydney provided the following conditions are satisfied:

The deceased is a citizen of Sri Lanka and the death had occurred in Australia.

The application for registration of death should be made to this mission within three months of the death.

Who can be an applicant for the registration of Death?

An application for the registration of a death may be made by any one of the following persons:

  • The nearest relative of the deceased who was present at the time of death or in attendance during the last illness of the deceased.
  • A relative of the deceased who resides in the country, where the death occurred.
  • If there is no such relative, any person who was present at the death.
  • The main occupant of the house where the death occurred.
  • The doctor in charge of the hospital/public institution where the death occurred.
  • If there are no such persons, the person who takes action to dispose of the body of the deceased by burial, cremation or by any other means.

Appropriate application

Please download the appropriate application and comply with the following instructions, incomplete applications may result in delays:

Download forms:

† † † †(a) †'Registration B 11í or† 'Registration B 15'†

Form "Registration B11" duly completed by the Informant, if the death is being declared within a period of three months. Form 'Registration B11' could be obtained by clicking on the link†(Download Here)


Form "Registration B15" duly completed by the Informant, if the death is being declared after a period of three months. Form 'Registration B15' could be obtained by clicking on the link (Download Here)

Note: When an application is made after 03 months, reason for delay should be submitted in writing to this mission with duly completed Form B 15.

The documents required to be handed over with the duly completed application form:†

(Originals along with two sets of photocopies of the following).

  1. Death certificate of the deceased issued by the relevant Authority in Australia.
  2. Coronerís Report
  3. Passport of the deceased and other available identification documents of the deceased, to prove Sri Lankan Citizenship.

Payment Procedure

Payments to be made at the time of tendering the application. Receipt to be kept for reference.

Fee : AUD $35.00,† payable by cash, bank cheque (not Personal Or Company cheque) or money order to the "Sri Lanka Consulate General". Please note that if the death is not declared within the prescribed period, an additional fee would be levied as appropriate.

For further details please contact the Consular Division of this Mission on 02 922308729 or 02 922308742 or email us This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


  1. Submission of forged certificates or any other documents and making false declarations relating to the citizenship status is an offence. Such cases will be reported to relevant authorities and Fees will not be refunded.
  2. This Mission is not responsible for any document lost in the post.
  3. Incomplete applications will be rejected.